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Why create something unique

Why is it important to make your website different from everyone else’s?

We came up with three reasons, and each of them is a compelling case for doing your online business a little differently.

1.     Beating the Competition

The most obvious reason for building a unique web presence is that you get more attention, and stand a better chance of capturing market share in your business segment. At least that’s how a college-educated marketing expert might say it.

The more intuitive way to look at this is that anything you have online that’s unique is attractive to a certain customer base. On the other hand, when your business looks like everyone else’s, what’s the motivation for somebody to seek you out individually?

2.     Your Own Vision

Beyond just trying to keep up with the competition, there’s another very important reason to be unique on the Internet.

To put it simply – you are a unique person. Your business or organization is just as unique. You had a particular passion that drove you to start your business and build it up from the ground floor. So why shouldn’t people know about that?

They should. But too many businesses fall into a trap of listening to high-priced digital marketing hawkers who convince them that they have to follow conformist rules to get business. So they make their little website just like everybody else’s little website.

In reality, relatability is key to business, online or offline. People want to see a narrative that shows them something new, or something they can relate to. Most companies don’t do this on the Internet, because they’re afraid to. It’s safer to just stick with the herd, but then they have to invest in all these bells and whistles to try to get people’s attention. It doesn’t have to be that way.

3.    Don’t Do Anything You Don’t Want To

Trying to get people to invest in fancy upscale marketing has become a major industry of its own.

You’ll get people knocking down your door trying to tell you how to run your business.

However, just look at small local businesses that operate their own way, and take their own cues when it comes to advertisement.

There’s a small local mechanic we know in our area who likes to say he gets called every year by company that wants to sell him branded pens.

“I don’t need pens,” he says. “I have word of mouth.”

In that case, when you get on the Internet, it’s not because you need additional branding or visibility. You just want to offer your customers some basic convenience and give yourself a way to communicate with a world where mobile devices have become the norm. You don’t have to consider your website to be the full engine of your business if it’s not. You don’t have to invest in fancy up-sells just in order to have any web presence at all. If you just want to be online to have your contact information available for your customers, that’s totally fine.

Look at our budget rates for a web presence that is going to be fine for your business to be indexed online.

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