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Sometimes the simplest things work best – but you’re not going to hear it from fancy corporate design firms. They need you to invest those ad dollars, so that they can pay for their million-dollar offices and cushy corporate campus locations.

But in reality, getting what you need doesn’t have to be costing you an arm and a leg.

Compelling Site Design with a Small Footprint

Most small local businesses just need a nice-looking way to establish a reasonable web presence, without trying to micromanage their way to better sales through pouring thousands and thousands of dollars into digital real estate.

We help these businesses to achieve their goals without a lot of the bells and whistles that end up costing so much extra money and canceling out the positives you get from increased sales and visibility.

For example, here’s one easy way to make your site more unique and compelling without spending any additional dollars at all:

When we go in to a customer’s site to add content, one of our favorite simple tricks is to simply stagger the text and images in alternating left and right justification. As you track down the page, your eye moves along with the positioning, and it really keeps people’s interest. It’s something that looks unusual and new, in an age where most institutional sites feature large dense paragraphs of boring text.

Again, this didn’t cost any additional dollars. It’s a couple of clicks of the mouse. But it does provide enormous value.

We don’t do this because some highly salaried graphic design person told us to. We do it because it makes sense.

That’s a large part of our philosophy all the way through helping you to build the web presence that you want – not the web presence that some marketing experts insist that you should have.

What’s at the core of our web design and website marketing operation business is the idea that you as the business owner should have the convenience and flexibility that you want when you make the decision to get yourself a webpage. You shouldn’t have to dive into the deep end headfirst, and listen to interminable lectures about digital ads and project scopes and brand positioning. You should be able to simply set up a functional website on a reasonable lean overhead budget, and go from there!

If this makes sense to you, get in touch. We’ll do the heavy lifting and get you online quickly and easily, without a lot of the up sells and hassle that you’ll get from a “hungry” top-heavy corporate design firm.

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